Who we are:


The Family Inclusion Network of Australia Inc. (FIN A) formed a national body in 25th November 2011   to represent member Family Inclusion Networks from throughout Australia when aiming to support and advocate for the rightful place of parents, family and community as key stakeholders when children are involved in the child protection system.

The fundamental principle of FIN A is that parents and families have a central and imperative role to play in the child protection processes of assessment and decision making when children are at risk of being removed or have been removed.   

‘Parents and families can be part of the solution when it comes to child safety and prevention of abuse and neglect … by including parents and families in the child protection process, we believe we will see improved relationships between parents, extended family members, carers and child protection authorities.  Most importantly we expect to see improved outcomes for children in care or at risk of entering care’, Emeritus Professor Ros Thorpe.

Since 2004, FINs have been established across most states and territories with volunteer personnel offering services according to the capacity and resources available to them.  At this time Fin WA is the only organisation with state funding that provides a service delivery to parents and family members. 

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