FINA  aims  to  represent  member  Family  Inclusion  Network  organisations  from  states  and  territories when  making  submissions  or  comments  to  Commonwealth,  State  or  Territory governments  or  the media  regarding  child  protection  policy,  related  issues  and  practices.    FINA  aims  to  support  and promote the joint interests of children, their parents and family members when a child or children are in out of home care or are at risk of being removed to out-of-home care in circumstances involving but not  limited  to  poverty,  destitution,  homelessness,  sickness,  disability,  substance  use,  mental  health issues, age and/or a criminal record.

The objects of the association are:-

a.    FINA will ensure the genuine and equal participation of parents and significant others with children in state care in all aspects of the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of child protection practices based on the lived experiences of this group.

b.    FINA will develop and maintain strong links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities and organisations to ensure the promotion and inclusion of the particular lived experiences of these groups.

c.     FINA  will  provide  support  to  state  and  territory  Family  Inclusion  Network  organisations  as  they provide  support,  information,  advocacy,  advice  and  resources  to  parents  and  family  members involved in child protection systems.

d.    FINA will promote the partnership and participation in local, national and international research on child protection and related issues.

e.    FINA will advocate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to “maintain contact and continuity of relationship with parents and family when in alternative care” be upheld.

f.     FINA  will  advocate  the  UN Convention  of  the  Rights  of  the  Child  to  “preserve  his  or  her  identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognised by law without penalty” be upheld.

g.    FINA will advance awareness and understanding of the issues confronting families and children when children are placed in out of home care.

h.    FINA will advance the respectful inclusion of parents, families and significant others in all child protection processes, advocating for fairness and due process.