The Family Inclusion Network of New South Wales Inc. is a family support, advice and advocacy group. It provides an advice line for parents involved in child protection issues. FIN-NSW also has a readily accessible webpage that offers information about the child protection process i.e. how the Department of Family and Community Services thinks and works; the child protection legislation (NSW Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998) and the Children's Court legal processes and procedures.


FIN QLD (Tsv) Inc.

The Family Inclusion Network (Queensland) Townsville Inc. started in 2008 as an unincorporated, informal group with a strong commitment to operating with, by, and for parents and significant others and at both individual and systems levels. FIN Townsville became incorporated in 2010 and has grown into an organisation of family members (parents, grandparents and significant others caught up in the child protection system) and supporting members (many of whom are social work practitioners or students) who take on the role of being Resourceful Friends (Bob Holman 1983 Skills in Community Social Work) supporting family members in meetings with the Child Safety Department and in the Children’s Court. Family members are centrally involved in the FIN Townsville committee which is active in systems advocacy, making submissions for changes in child protection policy and practice and meeting with key ministers and bureaucrats.  As FIN Townsville remains an unfunded community organisation – with no wish to seek government funding – fund raising activities are a key part of the annual FIN Townsville calendar in order to cover the costs of insurance, running a website, the hotline phone etc. Such shared fund raising activities are an important means of building ‘community’ within FIN Townsville, enriching reciprocal helping relationships between families and volunteer supporters, and transcending conventional ‘professional boundaries’.



The Family Inclusion Network of Victoria Inc. (FIN Victoria) became incorporated in December 2013 and was officially launched in July 2014.  FIN Victoria provides helpful information to professionals, parents, families and the community concerning the importance of family inclusion in child protection practice.  FIN Victoria aims to ensure parents and family members have access to information, support and advocacy to participate in the child protection process in an empowered way. 


Fin WA Inc.

The Family Inclusion Network of Western Australia Inc. began providing support to parents and family members in 2004 under the auspice of Anglicare WA.  A research project was conducted with parents and family members involved in statutory child protection (see Research) which paved the way for seed funding from Lotterywest and Department for Communities to set up a pilot service.  During this time Fin WA secured a funding agreement with the then Department of Child Protection to provide support and advocacy to parents and family members who have had their children placed in ‘out of home care’ i.e. foster care or relative care. Parents who are at risk of having their children placed in care, grandparents and other affected family members can also access the service.

Fin WA’s mission is 'to have a child protection system that is respectful and inclusive of parents, family and community as key stakeholders’. Our work it to assist parents to understand their rights and responsibilities and to support them to address the issues that have led to their children entering the care system.  A significant role is ‘building bridges’ between parents and statutory authorities’ thereby ensuring respectful dialogue, fair and due processes.



The Family Inclusion Network Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the needs of parents, children and families who are involved in the child protection system. FIN ACT incorporated in February 2006 in the Australian Capital Territory. Much of FIN ACT’s philosophy has been built on the work of Professor Ros Thorpe in Townsville.

FIN ACT acknowledges the trauma experienced by a parent when a child is removed or is at risk of being removed to out of home care by child protection authorities. It is within the context of trauma, recovery and rehabilitation that FIN ACT aims to offer services to assist parents to determine personal, long-term, clear and considered goals, to work towards those goals and to fulfil their statutory responsibilities. FIN ACT aims to utilise professional skills in counselling, advocacy and mediation as well as developing linkages with specialised services from which clients may require assistance.

FIN ACT recognises the intergenerational nature of child removal and believes that in-depth intervention with parents will assist in breaking the cycle leading to out-of-home care. In order to facilitate realistic planning for children who are in out-of-home care, parents must be assisted to a position where they are able to make long term decisions about their relationship with their children and to be committed to the changes that those decisions entail.

FIN ACT considers that children and young people are fundamentally part of their birth families.  While FIN ACT acknowledges that some children need to be apart from their families, it believes that, as key stakeholders in the lives and futures of their children, parents and families must be involved in decision-making processes that affect them. FIN ACT believes that natural justice processes need to be followed and human rights afforded to families involved in statutory child protection systems.



The Family Inclusion Network of South Australia Inc. (FIN SA) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote the rights of and benefits to a child by having their parents, family and community involved in respectful and inclusive processes when involved in the child protection system. 

The Network strives to ensure that parents understand their rights, responsibilities and the issues that caused their children to be placed in care. It also supports them to develop better relationships with statutory authorities and participate effectively in the child protection system. FIN SA advocates for family engagement which is a mechanism for advancing children’s safety, permanency and wellbeing. FIN SA also recognizes the importance of statutory bodies and other services seeing parents as partners and contributors to the solution.

The Mission of FIN SA is to help parents and family members participate equally in the child protection process by ensuring they have access to appropriate advocacy, support counselling, information and legal services.

FIN SA currently consists of a range of parties including parents who have been involved in the child protection system, practitioners and research/academics from organizations including; Save the Children, Centrecare, Anglicare, Flinders University and The University of South Australia.



Family Inclusion Network Tasmania Inc. has been working as a volunteer agency in Tasmania since late 2008 and became incorporated in the same year. Advocacy is provided by a group of volunteers who have been through the child protection process and who want to support others going through the same experience. The volunteers support the parents by advocating on their behalf, attending meetings, and court proceedings. FIN Tas work closely with a group of lawyers and barristers who over the years have developed a good understanding of the child protection process which has led to many successful outcomes for parents and families.



There is no representation in the Northern Territory at this time.